Karel Leusink’s Experiences at IBB


What am I, as a trainee, experiencing at the IBB in Curacao?

I see the Instituto Buena Bista as a very unique place on the island of Curaçao.

This preparatory training in art is much wider than the name suggests.

Situated on the grounds of the psychiatric clinic Capriles, the initiators David Bade and his close friend Tirzo Martha, have gathered a good staff around them together with whom they’ll celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. I see this as a great achievement. Just to think that this came into existence and will remain here thanks to the hard work of this group of people. Besides the training and guidance towards the students, everyone is also responsible for his or her own practice as artists. Art must go on.

But what more happens here at this art training place?

With patience and respect the students get a lot of art education, perseverance, development of how to take responsibilities, presentation of their work and research that they have to do in Dutch and English. Reflective studies of their own projects in order to look more critically at their own work. Actually they get a lot of education in order to continue well in life. All of this separate still from whether you will earn your living in the arts.

Here the students are taught to be independent, to collaborate and to work towards a goal.

There is a very nice and positive work environment. It’s a pleasure to be here.

P_20160304_133027P_20160304_115815P_20160304_114217At the moment we are preparing a short film, directed by Damian Marcano, a film director from Trinidad. A “tribal story” where the students make all the props and costumes, but they’ll also be the actors. The film is set in a stunning location on the north coast of the island.

Everyone is excited to work in order to make the film a success.

Damian intends to submit the film for a film festival. So it’s quite serious.

If you see what is developed or made here with relatively few people, then I must say that this people deserves a lot of admiration.

For myself this is the opportunity to develop myself and to reflect on what is happening here.

For me this is a special experience from which I gain a lot.

I feel in myself the energy to express myself through my work. There is a positive interaction here at the IBB.

When I see how much energy is put into the IBB and the developing of plans for the 10th anniversary celebration, the exhibition and summer class of 3 months this year at Kunsthal Rotterdam and how hard everyone works for the existence of IBB here in Curacao gives me a lot of admiration. It’s hard to believe how much is being done here and with such an enthusiasm.

“Lucky me,” that I’m here!

Karel Leusink.