Mid-term students 2014-2015


In the recent months we have been working hard at the IBB preparing ‘portfolio students’ of class of 2014/2015 (from the current 35 students, after a minimum first year at IBB get the green light to prepare themselves for a follow-up study).

The preparation consists of several parts which are of great importance for not only to be accepted for the respective programs, but also for the successful completion and achievement of the creative study(so far mostly at applied art academies and MBO trainings in the Netherlands). Techniques, knowledge and skills are important aspects, but to be talented and have skills, is certainly not the only thing and not enough for a successful sequel. The focus in preparing the students  is both their talent as their personal development. Formation to feed the existing qualities and develop the necessary components that are motivation, attitude and discipline is what should keep the students sharp. To develop your gift also means that you need to study more to develop your visual work of both content and quality. Education means to IBB therefore formation. In the broad sense, the general cultural development and the specific training, tailored and developed in constant interaction with the student and his/her coach is key. The contemplating, making and presenting of the works are the basic elements that are used to provide targeted assistance to the students. Each student will receive personal guidance fitting him or her to provide more insight into which advanced study is most suitable.

The four mid-term students all got the green light to proceed with their portfolio. These portfolios should be ready end of March, so that we can bring these to the academies and introduce the students in the Netherlands and Martinique in April. The founders of IBB usually do this themselves. In most cases we maintain a follow-up with Skype talks with the students and so far -since 2006 – we put as described more than 34 former pupils of the IBB on track.

The next three months they get next to their regular classes and assignments also additional jobs to supplement their portfolios and ensure the correct ratio in work and media. Quality development has to do with precision and that involves all areas of this process.

We give below a brief up-date of the four selected students and their status in this exciting process of their development:

Shudarley Anthony

In the case of Shudarley we can say that Shudarley has a special gift for painting (often recognised and confirmed by renowned guest artists at IBB). In recent years we have seen her develop simple paintings to more articulated and advanced work. In recent months we also saw a strong inner battle that came between her and her work. A struggle due to choices she had to make and the search for depth in her work. A depth that is only possible by means of study, something she quite struggles with. Shudarley is one of the students at IBB, who has no high-school diploma. Dropout, auto didactic, but now in the middle of her formation and development which is growing into something beautiful.

Through our good contacts with academies and a trust that has grown mutually, we have managed to arrange that these students through IQ and other tests get a chance to go to college anyway. In the case of Shudarley we are now working extra hard to walk all the different ways to get her into college.
Momentarily she is presenting her work, writing and presenting reports and broadening her knowledge of art history. We have great con
fidence in her abilities, her self-confidence should continue to grow and also the parents and their role in this has our attention.

Sigiene Justina

Sigiene has multiple  talents such as drawing, painting and sculpting. Over the years we have seen him develop into each of these mentioned disciplines. In his case, it is not that he (at the moment) excels in one them, but rather develops a special talent in combining all these skills that lead to very rich and complicated installations.
From the beginning of his trajectory at IBB it was clear that there is an inner battle going on between him and his personal background, which has led to the production of many works. Coming from an economical challenged environment thereby triggers mainly negative side effects, not only economically but also morally/spiritually, he is still very positive in life. The possibility of his future work in the creative sector, in his case, the visual arts, has become his main motivation to bring a change in the fate of his life. A dream/reality which can come about only through study.
Besides that he is intrinsically motivated to work, he is also an example for the student IBB: his social skills and the responsibility he takes on himself.  An example of this is that he has been tasked to manage all the tools and materials, and he also assists students with the operation of the tools.
At this time, we also work with him on his planning and improve his English, Dutch and especially an introduction to French, which is part of his preparation for his future at the art academy in Martinique.
Through his consistent progression, his qualities and tremendous perseverance, we have built over the years a lot of confidence in his abilities.
He will almost certainly (partly depends on finances and SSC) be the first student of IBB in the region – Martinique – for his advanced studies. This art school  IBB signed a formal cooperation agreement with in 2014.

Sindey Koeiman

Sindey who now works on her final year at IBB is very talented in painting and drawing. At the beginning of her studies her paintings and drawings were still very cliché and childlike. Now we are almost two years further and can say that we are truly proud how she has developed, not only in her work but also how she has shown a positive progression in her general development and personality.  Through study she has broadened her reference, though her work from cliché and childish to more mature, more advanced work, she attempts to better understand the world she lives in.
Something that was clear from the beginning is that she tends to being in a melancholic state from time to time, which is related to an unpleasant home situation.
Where we are now working with her, is to critically look at herself and her own work. Something she still struggles with. This we address by giving her additional research to do and theory lessons, which are part of the expanding / enhancing her framework and thereby increasing her self-awareness and perspective. Skills that only through study, practice and perseverance are possible and eventually become a habit. Widening and exploring her knowledge and spiritual baggage is necessary to further grow her development.

Jessica Dorado

This student has a very special talent for painting and drawing as well. At the start of 2013 and in submitting her portfolio to enter the IBB we immediately saw her base talent. In the past eighteen months we have seen her grow into other media, including sculpture, performance and installation. Another aspect that has been clearly developed further in her is her perseverance. At the beginning of her study program at IBB she sometimes gave up  hope, or despaired thinking she would fail  the so-called norm. This changed when  she enriched her knowledge through study and applied it in her work. By giving substantive context to her work, she is getting better at translating her experiences to highly defined results.
Jessica is a hard worker, so she sometimes is too focused on one job and as a result other works qualitatively suffer due to lack of time / attention. We do our best to improve her and to help her manage her urge to perfection. The students receive a rigorous planning / schedule  so that they organize themselves and their working proces better. In addition to a tight schedule, extra attention is paid by giving additional and specific assignments so she can realize that, or at least be conscious of the fact that the craft (the technique of painting for example) does not have to always be complicated to do. She now learns how at a faster pace and in many ways you still can deliver qualitatively strong work.
Another stumbling block for her is the language barrier. Jessica is originally from Colombia, so that means that her mother tongue is Spanish. She can speak and write in Dutch (she has graduated high school), so one would think there is no question of a language barrier. In her case the applying of the language in presentations is the difficulty. By doing additional presentation she exercises and this improves her confidence and language skills. Again that practice, study and perseverance are the key to making this possible. However, this young lady certainly has these keys and dedication.

In short, great programs that have been of great value to the future of these young creatives from Curacao and ultimately for our country.

Written and compiled by Fiona Henriquez and Marvi Johanna Zapata, edited by David Bade.